Contributions are used to serve the residents of Tofield and area through regular Christian worship, educational programs, service projects, as well as Christian Missions.

Our church supports various ministries, but asks that all gifts be directly sent to these ministries and not to Bardo, to simplify our book-keeping. Gifts with no specific designation go to the church's Operating Fund. The church reserves the right to deposit any gifts given to a non-designated fund into the general Operating Fund.

 How to Give?

Please consider giving in the following ways

Recipient: Bardo Lutheran Church 


*These transfers are automatic. so even though you may be prompted to include a question and answer in the recipient set-up, once you send the E-transfer it will inform you that your funds will be auto-deposited

​    4.  Contribute Online via Canada Helps (to Operating Fund only):

​Give Through Canada Helps

*Please be advised that Canada Helps retains up to 4% of your donation to cover their administration costs. Canada Helps will issue your charitable donation receipt directly.

Special Gifts

On special giving Sundays, we collect gifts for a designated missions. In person gifts must be specifically designated to the recipient and not to Bardo. For example, a check or cash donation must be made out to the Canadian Lutheran Bible Institute. Online gifts must be given directly to the recipient through an e-transfer. T​o direct your donation to specific missions or funds on special occasions, please indicate the Designated Mission on the envelope and as the recipient of the check.

Further Financial Information

Bardo Lutheran Church is a Canada Revenue Agency registered charity.  (11879 9196 RR0001)

Canada Revenue Agency:

Official Donation Receipts are issued annually after the December 31st year end.

We remind contributors that spending of donated funds is confined to congregation-approved programs and projects.  Each restricted contribution designated for a congregation-approved program will be used as designated with the understanding that when the need for such a program or project has been met, or cannot be completed for any reason determined by the Parish Planning Council, the remaining restricted contributions designated for such a program or project will be used where needed most.